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About Pi-Soft

Pi-Soft Consulting, LLC is in the business of providing internet products and services to people just like you. We specialize in software packages that are easy to set up and easy to use.With today's technology there's no reason why establishing a professional-looking web presence or setting up a network for your small business should be a complicated or expensive matter. Explore our site to see how easy it can be.

Our Hometown

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Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA (pictured to the left),   Pi-Soft was founded in 1994 as a software company which produced low-cost, yet multi-featured utilities for BBS Systems (Bulletin Board Systems). As the internet exploded to become increasingly the primary means of inter-network communications, Pi-Soft grew as well to become a net-savvy company with an emphasis on meeting the new challenges organizations face in today's internet-dependent business world.


Our Mission

To provide simple and inexpensive solutions to the seemingly-complicated connectivity and marketing problems faced by entrepreneurs and small businesses in today's fast-paced and high-tech business environment.

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