Cornell Color CUseeme

In SpoonProxy, Map UDP port 7648 IN AND OUT and bind it to the reflector IP you wish to call.

Then on the client computer bring up Cornell Color CUseeme 1.0 (This also may work with CUseeme Networks versions 2,3,4.) In your phone book put in a reflector named Proxy and associate with it the IP of your server computer. (In my case I use If you need to connect to a special conference place the conference number in the phone book entry.

Then call the proxy phonebook enry and connect.

WARNING: This does not work with all reflectors. Not sure but it appears that the reflectors that I successfully connected to run Meeting point reflectors but I cannot conclude for certain as yet.

You can connect to CUseeme Networks reflectors (formerly White Pine.)

You must change the port mapping each time you want to connect to a different reflector.