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Setting up CuteFTP to work with SpoonProxy

The best way to setup Cute FTP to work with SpoonProxy is to use SpoonProxy's built in FTP Proxy.

The following example shows how you would configure SpoonProxy and CuteFTP to connect to the ftp server ftp.microsoft.com using the anonymous login account and your email address as password. To use with your FTP site simply replace the information with your SpoonProxy server's internal IP address and the information (site address, username and password) for the FTP site you need to connect to.

Step 1:

Add the FTP proxy to SpoonProxy if it's not already present.

In SpoonProxy click Properties. Select the TCP Map tab which brings you to the following screen:


Click Add to add the FTP proxy protocol as follows. We suggest port 10021 as a safe port to use (as long as you are not using it for anything else.)

Step 2:

In CuteFTP hit F4 to go into the Site Manager and create a new site entry.

For the FTP Host Address enter the internal IP address of your proxy server machine as shown below. In the FTP Site User Name field put the username@servername as shown in the example below.

In the FTP Site Password field, put your password for the remote site.

In the FTP Site Connection Port change it to 10021 (or to the port you chose for the FTP proxy in SpoonProxy.)

Now click on the Edit button.

As shown below make sure the checkbox marked Use PASV mode is checked with a dark check. (Click it twice to toggle it to this position.)

PASV mode forces your FTP program to use Passive Transfers. (This is important!).

Note: There is no need to configure anything on the Advanced tab in this example.

Step 3:

Click Okay and Exit to save your connection and proceed with your FTP'ing.

Last modified 4/03/02 by DD.





You can also use Cute FTP by running it "socksified" with either Hummingbird SOCKS or Sockscap. (See the SpoonProxy main support page for links and info on SOCKS.)

The important thing to remember is to select Passive Transfer mode when using most FTP programs through proxies or firewalls.


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