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Setting up Eudora with SpoonProxy 2.4 and up

With the new POP3 proxy in SpoonProxy 2.4, setting up Eudora is a little easier, but may still look a little odd.

Before you configure the email client as shown below, you must first setup the POP3 proxy in SpoonProxy on Port 110.

The screenshots below are an example you'd follow if your email were david@pi-soft.com. The example assumes your SpoonProxy machine's internal IP address is Your username is "david" and your email server is "pi-soft.com"

When you check mail you will see:

Note the two @ signs. This is normal in Eudora because Eudora determines your POP3 server in much the same way SpoonProxy's POP3 proxy does. Hence the @ sign appears twice when you check your mail.

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