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SpoonProxy notable features, changes and fixes by (relased) version number.

Version Number

Feature(s) added or improvements made since prior public release SOCKS4 is disabled when authentication is turned on. (Use SOCKS5!) Add ability to use POP3 proxy with email addresses which already include the @ sign. Fix of local address checking bug for incoming restrictions. Fixed handling of HTTP/1.1 persistent connections. Added default interface selection. (Individual ports for a previously existing install will already be set to "Any," and will need to be set to "Default" to make use of this feature.

Fix of a log file size bug where the size was being handled as if it were in bytes, not megabytes. Users need only to make a
change to the support log size using this updated version and it will be fixed for their next logging attempt.

Also, this update starts the service during installation and stops it during uninstallation. If an older version of SpoonProxy is already installed, you'll still have to stop the service manually first since it will have been installed using the old installer. Fix of registration tab bug which could cause the application to crash when applying registration key. Addition of MMS (Microsoft Media Services) proxy to enable easy proxying of Media Player. Added new feature: Activity logging. WELF-format logfiles can now be created. Logs are created with an .aog extension. Also, install program now verifies that user has admin privileges with NT/2K/XP. Plus, install program informas users they can sign up for update notification. Fix for bug where the interface selection for TCP/UDP Map entries was not saving Fix for bug in the ability to set the delimiter in the POP3 Proxy (feature added in Add configurable delimiter to POP3 proxy to accomodate email account names already including the @ sign. Re-established Win95 compatibility lost in initial release of 2.6. Improvements to FTP serving capabilities.


Access can be set by user. Built in web-server.

"Listen on" for mapped ports selectable by interface for added security.
Incoming restrictions can be set on a protocol by protocol basis.


Powerful FTP Proxy capabilities of ProxyFTP added to SpoonProxy


POP3 Proxy to more easily facilitate email and multiple mail accounts


Added the "Home" Tier for the benefit of two machine network owners who want full proxy services.


SpoonProxy 2.3 now does auto-dial while running as an NT service, and enhanced Remote Administration capabilities.


Added ability to use "friendly names" in TCP and UDP port mappings to facilitate mappings to servers with dynamic IP's


Fix of a bug in SpoonProxy remote administration that made buttons appear as text when viewing the administrator from Netscape.


Reversal of a change in 2.1 to simplify cleanup on unexpectedly closed connections.  Because the change could cause SpoonProxy to crash in some instances, it was removed.


SpoonProxy version 2.1 now includes Remote Administration through a browser.


SpoonProxy version 2.0 now includes NT Service support.


Much improved support for NT dialup networking.


A port wizard (off the file menu) with IP address lookup to enable much simpler mapping of the basic TCP and UDP ports .


Many improvements for handling FTP transfers from rogue FTP servers or FTP servers which don't comply with standards.


Improved SOCKS support.


Fix of a RealAudio port bug which caused the port to shift on restarting the proxy.


A progressive tiered pricing schedule was introduced.


Improved, windows style helpfile.


A "wait" screen that is displayed in the browser window if SpoonProxy needs to establish a dialup connection to the ISP before it can display a page.

This list of features added and bugs fixed is by no means complete. But it does represent those items we deemed as the most important ones associated with each major release.
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