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Configuring Hummingbird SOCKS 7.0 for use with SpoonProxy

We  recommend using Hummingbird SOCKS, a freeware application from Hummingbird Communications, Ltd. as an "add-on" program to enhance your use of SpoonProxy. SOCKS is great for playing most online games and makes using almost any internet client software a breeze.   Unlike SOCKSCap which requires you to run it first in order to run an application "socksified", Hummingbird SOCKS runs transparently. Client applications access the internet without additional configuration as if the client machine had a direct internet connection.

First, download and install Hummingbird SOCKS 7.0 by clicking here.

(Note: You may also download the current 7.1 release of SOCKS from Hummingbird from http://www.hummingbird.com/products/nc/socks/index.html, but we prefer the 7.0 version and the instructions will make more sense to you if you use 7.0.)

While installing, you will be asked what type of installation you wish to do. "Typical" is fine.

Configuration information is read from the socks.cnf file. Here is a copy of the SOCKS.CNF file which we use on a few of our test networks.

cnf_file.gif (383 bytes)

If your SpoonProxy machine's IP is you can simply copy this file and it should work for you.

If you are running Window NT this file should be located in the C:\winnt\System32\Hummingbird\Connectivity\7.00\Socks directory. If your operating system is Windows 95/98 or ME, this file should be located in the C:\Windows\System\Hummingbird\Connectivity\7.00\Socks directory. Blank lines are ignored. Lines which have a # in the first column are comments, and are also ignored.

Edit the SOCKS.CNF file if necessary.  Files with the extension CNF may be un-openeable by double clicking since they are probably associated with another program type on your machine.  (For example, in Winnt it may show up as a Speed Dial icon or a NetMeetingCall icon, depending on what programs you have installed and how your file associations are configured.) To open and edit the file, either open notepad.exe and browse to its location, or you can always hold down the shift key while the file is highlighted to bring up the "Open with" dialog and open with notepad.exe.)

When you edit the SOCKS.CNF file, add the following lines (assuming your SpoonProxy is at


In fact, your socks.cnf file can contain only those lines if you like.

To finalize your installation, a reboot may or may not be required.

Even with Hummingbird SOCKS in use, if you direct your client program settings to use direct proxy settings SOCKS will not be used.  So you are still free to use HTTP, RealAudio, TCP mappings, etc. without removing SOCKS.CNF and restarting.

Note: Make sure you substitute your IP addresses in the attached SOCKS.CNF if your SpoonProxy IP is not

Additional instructions from Hummingibird are located at http://www.hummingbird.com/products/nc/socks/install_now.html

Last modified date 2/25/02 by DD.

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