Norton AntiVirus's Live Update feature and SpoonProxy

Norton AntiVirus's Live Update Feature works with SpoonProxy, but not always right out of the box.

Live Update uses FTP to receive updated data files from the Symantec servers. When FTP'ing from behind firewalls, it is often necessary for the program doing the FTP'ing (in this case the Live Update Program) to be capable of Passive Transfers. Early versions of Live Update were not capable of Passive Transfers, so you may need to update Live Update to make it work with SpoonProxy.

The symptoms of the problem are that when Live Update attempts to contact the Symantec server it it just hangs, eventually returning an error message that the server could not be contacted.  Before contacting us for support if you are having trouble with Live Update, please download and install the patch from Symantec from the following link.

(For more information please see the support FAQ's on the Symantec Website at

Once you have made sure you are running the most current version of Live Update, here are the instructions for configuration.

From the Tools menu in Norton AntiVirus, select Live Update which brings up the following screen:


Select Options.

Click on the Proxy Tab.

Enter your proxy server information as shown above (replacing the IP addresses with the Internal IP address of the machine you run SpoonProxy on . Note that these are the default port settings for SpoonProxy so no configuration of the proxy itself is necessary to make Live Update work.