Setting Up MS Outlook to work with SpoonProxy

SpoonProxy configuration:

In SpoonProxy, map ports 110 in and out to the IP address of your POP3 server. And map port 25 in and out to the IP of your SMTP server. (To find the IP address of your mail server, ping its "friendly name" from the DOS prompt on a connected machine, i.e. c:\ping

It should look like the following screenshot.

Outlook configuration:

From the Tools menu, select services. Highlight the internet mail account you wish to configure. Select properties, then select the Servers tab which will bring you to this screen:


In place of put the internal IP address of the machine you are running SpoonProxy on. In the account name and password fields, use your normal mail account name and password.


With SpoonProxy running on a connected machine, you should now be able to send and receive mail normally through the client machine.