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Outlook 2000 Setup Instructions

To set up Outlook to work with SpoonProxy, first follow the SpoonProxy configuration instructions from Outlook Express.

To configure Outlook 2000:

Note:  It is important to have configured Outlook for Internet Mail only.  If you are configured for Corporate or Workgroup settings, you may end up with confusing configuration options and may have difficulty sending or receiving mail.  The simple rule is, if you are NOT using an Exchange Server, configure Outlook to support Internet Mail Only.  If you're not sure how Outlook is setup go to Tools >> Options >> Mail Delivery and click the button towards the bottom of the screen that says "Reconfigure Mail Support."

After changing your Outlook E-mail service options, you need to do a File >> Exit and Log Off of Outlook and then start the program up again before proceeding.

Adding an email account:

Add your email account through Tools >> Accounts >> Add >> Mail.

Follow the screens entering your display name and your email address.

Then you will come to the server name screens.

Enter the information as in the following screenshot, substituting your IP address for if you are using a different IP address for the address of your SpoonProxy server machine:

Click Next which will bring you to the Internet Mail Logon screen:

In the above example, using david@mail.pi-soft.com will tell SpoonProxy to check the david account at the server mail.pi-soft.com.

Fill in the password field normally.

Finally, select the Connect using my local area network (LAN) option on the next screen.

Click Next, then Finish.  You are done.


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