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Setting up Outlook Express to work with SpoonProxy

SpoonProxy Configuration:

1.  From the TCP Map tab, add the POP3 proxy on port 110 as show below:

2.  From the TCP Map tab again, add a pass-through port for SMTP (port 25) as shown below:

Click on the properties tab for the pass-through port to enter the details.  For the address, enter the SMTP server for the ISP your SpoonProxy machine uses to connect to the internet.  You need to be sure to use the SMTP server for your connected ISP otherwise you will get 550 errors.


Outlook Express Configuration:

From the Tools menu, select Accounts.  Highlight the internet mail account you wish to configure. Select properties, then select the Servers tab which will bring you to the screen below.  Enter the infomration as follows:

Click next and enter your account name and password as shown below.  To use the POP3 proxy, enter your entire email address in the account name field.  This will tell the proxy what account to check at what mail server.

Note:  It's possible that your email server name is different from your email address, in which case subsitute your mail server name for the domain name of your mail account.


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