Setting up Pegasus Mail to work with SpoonProxy

SpoonProxy configuration:

In SpoonProxy, map ports 110 in and out to the IP address of your POP3 server. And map port 25 in and out to the IP of your SMTP server. (To find the IP address of your mail server, ping its "friendly name" from the DOS prompt on a connected machine, i.e. c:\ping

It should look like the following screenshot.

Pegasus Configuration

From the Tools menu, select Options, then click on the Network tab as shown below. Enter your email address in the "Your e-mail addres is:" field.

In the POP3 host field enter the INTERNAL IP address of the machine you run SpoonProxy on.

In the User Name and Password field enter your username and Password.

In the SMTP host name again enter the INTERNAL IP address of the machine you run SpoonProxy on.

If this is the only email account you need to configure or you have used all default email settings in SpoonProxy you may Click OK. You're done.

If you are using non-standard settings or you need to configure multiple email accounts, stay on this tab and click Advanced network configuration options, which will bring you to the following screen:

The Advanced Configuration Screen is where you specify the non-standard ports (if you're using ports other than than 110 for POP3 and 25 for SMTP, or if you need to connect to multiple POP3 servers through SpoonProxy.

The two fields you need to be looking at are the Connect to SMTP server on TCP port and Connect to POP3 server on TCP port.

Note: Pegasus is a very powerful email program with a great number of customizable settings. As their own documentation will warn you, do not adjust its advanced settings unless you know what you are doing.