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Quake III (instructions by Michael Kleiner)

Greetings from Germany!

These instructions work with the Voyager Elite-Force also and may work with all online games that use this special kind of console.

There are three easy steps.

1)     Ask your ISP for its primary DNS-Address. Configure the DNS mapping as shown on the Pi-Soft website in their DNS Proxy instructions.

2)     Install the Hummingbird SOCKS software. In the new version there is an installer not a DOS-batch to install, it's easy. I had problems finding the Config-file, but it worked without configuring anything in Hummingbird Socks... even because my server IP was If you need to change something in the configuration, there is a good online-help at the Hummingbird homepage. So as you see, I just installed the Socks-soft and it worked. :)

3)     Last step is to start Quake (or another online-game with the same console as Quake III) from a DOS Shell. Type the following:

quake3.exe +set net_socksEnabled 1 +set net_socksPort 1080 +set net_socksServer (IP depends on the IP of the server-machine)

You only have to start Quake once this way. After that you can use your normal desktop icon as usual. SOCKS will be still enabled in Quake. If Spoonproxy is not active and you start Quake it could take a few minutes until Quake will start. This is not anerror, I guess it's a kind of scanning for addresses for a time. If it is necessary to start Quake again without SOCKS-support just start a DOS-shell again and type:

quake3.exe +set net_socksEnabled 0

One time is enough, as I wrote above.

It's very important to give both machines a fixed IP, best is Server: and client: It works very fine here on two big
computers connected with twisted pair-to-pair cable over two ethernet 100 cards. Network the standard Microsoft network client. You don't ever have to disable anything of the installed things I wrote about. All works well at server and client, as IE5.5 and Outlook Express, ICQ, Napster, IMesh, Webcamsoftware and FTP.

I guess it would be good if you test it at your network, so you know exactly what I mean.

If you have further questions feel free to ask me!

Michael Kleiner

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