Setting up Quicken 99's Online Center to work with SpoonProxy

SpoonProxy works well with Quicken's Online Center to transmit and receive your financial data over the internet. Quicken simply makes use of the existing HTTP and HTTPS (Secure Server) ports which SpoonProxy sets up for you by default.

To configure your Quicken 99 software to work with SpoonProxy, do the following:

From the Online Menu, select Online Financial Services setup, which brings you to this screen:

Click on Setup, which brings you to:

Select "I have a direct Internet connection" and click Next. The next couple screens will ask you which browser you intend to use with Quicken. Select the browser you intend to use. The following screen is where you enter your proxy information:

Once on the above screen, enter your HTTP proxy IP and your HTTPS (Security) proxy IP and their corresponding ports. The defaults are shown in the above screen shot.

Click on Next to confirm and verify any additional settings until you are done.