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How to use Telnet with SpoonProxy

Use your telnet program to telnet to the internal IP address of the machine you're running SpoonProxy on (specifying port 8023 by default.)

This will bring you to the following prompt:

At the SpoonProxy> prompt you can type in either a name or an IP address, and following that, a port parameter is optional (default 23).

For instance, to telnet to also known as pi.pi-soft.com through SpoonProxy, type "" or "pi.pi-soft.com" or "pi.pi-soft.com 23" or " 23".

Important Notes regarding the various Windows Telnet Programs:

Depending on the settings of your telnet client, you may or may not be able to see what you type at the prompt. If you cannot see anything when you type, you may need to enable local echo.

(CRT has local echo turned on by default and sends carriage return plus linefeed when you hit Enter, but Windows Telnet and others have different default settings. )

Also, if hitting Enter doesn't work, you'll need to find a way to turn on "send carriage return plus linefeed." Failing that, try either Control-J (linefeed) or Control-M (carriage return), because some telnet clients will pass them through directly while others will treat one or the other as end-of-line sequences.

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