Configuring MacTCP for Ethernet to use a Mac with SpoonProxy

1. Put MacTCP into Control Panel folder in your System folder.

2. Open MacTCP.

3. Click on Ethernet icon. (See figure below.)

4. Click More. A configuration window will appear. (See figure below)

5. In Obtain Address, click Manually.

6. In Gateway Address, type address of your SpoonProxy machine, i.e.

7. In Domain Name Server Information, put the IP address of your SpoonProxy machine.

(On the SpoonProxy machine make sure you've mapped port 53 IN and OUT, both TCP and UDP to the IP address of your ISP's DNS server.  If you use the port mapping wizard off the File Menu in SpoonProxy it will map both ports for you.)

8. In IP address area: set class to C. Click OK and use the slider to specify your Subnet as

9. In Control Panel window, type the IP address of your Mac. (Use the RFC 1918 addressing system for private internets and use a free 192.168.0.x IP)

9. Close Control Panel window and restart.