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Basic TCP/IP Network Setup (w/ hub)

The following is one example of how to set up a simple peer-to-peer TCP/IP network with 3 PC's.  The only materials needed in the example below are a network card for each machine and a simple 10 base T network hub or repeater.  It is also assumed that PC #1 has a direct connection to the internet through an ISP (Internet Service Provider).


tcpsetup.gif (7545 bytes)


Note the IP addresses assigned to each machine.   These IP's are bound to the ethernet cards of each PC.  In this example   the IP addresses used are from RFC 1918 which lists IP sets reserved by the Internic for private networks.  Each machine will also ask you for a subnet mask for your network.   In this example, the subnet mask you should use would be

Recommended Proxy configuration with the above network setup

Spoonproxy should be installed on PC #1.

When following the setup instructions for the various internet client software found elsewhere on this website, is the IP address of the proxy server when you are asked for it.  Please note that this IP address is the INTERNAL IP address of that machine and if you are using this IP set it will ALWAYS be different than the IP address your ISP assigns you when you connect to the internet whether you have a static or dynamically assigned IP when you log on.

It is important to keep in mind the distinction between the INTERNAL IP address (The IP bound to your ethernet card) and your EXTERNAL IP address (the IP bound to your Dialup Adaptor or internet connection device.)


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