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Pi-Soft is always looking for form strategic partnerships with companies who do complementary work. Please email us if you are interested in partnering.

ken1.JPG (5292 bytes)Ken Lince (MCP) gives you all the details that you need to know to setup and configure a home network using either a dial-up or dedicated (cable modem, DSL, etc...) connection to the internet.  He also tells you what types of software you will need and how to configure that software so that more than 1 home PC can share a single internet connection.   This may at first sound like a daunting task - but if you take things logically, one step at a time, Ken will show you how it's really not bad at all. 



3WK underground radio.  "Devoted to 'Music As Art', this site plays truly "alternative" rock that you won't find at most other radio stations."   (NetGuide - Jan. 12th, 1998)  Pi-Soft listens to 3WK using RealAudio technology.  RealAudio is supported by SpoonProxy.   We encourage you to check out some of the best alternative radio available today, on the net or off it.



Shared Vision

Our strategic partners share our vision and work with us to provide you with the information and technology you need to survive (and to have fun!) in today's internet savvy world and workplace.


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