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SpoonFTP 1.2 was released 1/19/2002

Note: A vulnerability existed in SpoonFTP 1.1 which allowed a remote user to break out of the ftp root. This vulnerability was fixed in version

A fix to prevent a potential "bounce attack" against SpoonFTP was added in version 1.2.

All users are encouragaged to update to version 1.2. The upgrade is free for all registered users.


Product Summary

What is SpoonFTP?

SpoonFTP is an FTP server that lets you transfer files using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). This allows you to both send and receive files from a variety of FTP clients running on different operating systems, including Windows, BeOS, MacOS, OS/2, and UNIX

Configuring SpoonFTP

Configuring SpoonFTP is designed to be a simple process. Once you've started SpoonFTP, you can select Properties from the main window's menu and access all the settings. If you're running SpoonFTP as a service, you will need to run SpoonFTP using the Start menu, which runs the SpoonFTP status and configuration utility and presents the same Properties menu option.

All you really need to do to allow a user to login to SpoonFTP is add a user. Anonymous FTP is not added by default for security reasons, but you can add a standard anonymous user easily: just add a user named anonymous and check the anonymous option in the Settings window under the Users tab in Properties.

Starting SpoonFTP

On Windows NT/2000 systems:

SpoonFTP is installed as a service. After installing SpoonFTP, you can start the SpoonFTP service manually, or restart your system, which will automatically start the SpoonFTP service.

Other Windows systems, such as Win95/98/Me:

Go to Start->Programs->SpoonFTP or wherever you installed SpoonFTP, and select the SpoonFTP icon. Optionally, you can add SpoonFTP to your Start->Programs->Startup folder so it starts every time you start Windows.

This is a shareware product. How do I register it?

Once you install SpoonFTP, you have 30 days to review the full version of the software. After 30 days, users can no longer login unless you register. You can register online at http://www.pi-soft.com. Once you register and we receive your registration information, we will send you an e-mail with your registration key. You'll need to enter your registration information in the Registration tab fields in Properties exactly as they appear in the e-mail, including all capitalization, punctuation and spacing.

It takes time and money for us to continue to development of this and other products. Your support helps ensure continued development.

SpoonFTP Pricing (New Price effective January 2, 2002!)

SpoonFTP Unlimited* users$24.95
*Please note that even with an unlimited SpoonFTP license your usage will still be limited by the constraints of your own network, i.e. bandwidth, memory and processing power.

There is no additional charge to upgrade to our current version from an earlier version of SpoonFTP.

We challenge you to compare our prices against the prices of similar products. We think you'll find SpoonFTP to be the best value on the market today.

Registration Information:

Online Registration - All Major Credit Cards


Send a check or money order in US dollars to:

Pi-Soft Consulting, LLC
5115 Excelsior Boulevard, #430
Minneapolis, MN 55416

For your registration code to be generated include: (1) A Username and (2) An Organization or Company Name.

Upon receipt of your check, a registration key will be e-mailed to you promptly, so please be sure you include your e-mail address.

Last updated 11/30//02 by DD


Purchase SpoonFTP through our secure server registration system and receive your registration key by email today.

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