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Configuring Webdrive to work with SpoonProxy

In SpoonProxy simply make sure the FTP proxy is enabled on port 10021 as shown in Step 1 of the WS_FTP instructions at http://www.pi-soft.com/spoonproxy/ws_ftp.html

In Webdrive go into File >> Program Settings in Webdrive:

Select the Proxy-FTP Tab:

As shown above tick "Enable Proxy Server", leave USER after logon (the default) in the Login Type field, put the INTERNAL IP address of your proxy server machine in the Proxy Server Address field, and select Port 10021.   (Note: May also work with port 1080 if you have SOCKS enabled.)

Important:  Since you are using a proxy server, you must tickt the PASV box for Passive Transfers.

Webdrive is now configured to use the proxy server for connections.

See also: WS_FTP instructions.
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