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Using the SpoonProxy POP3 Proxy

Step 1.

In SpoonProxy click Properties >> TCP Map >> Add.

Select the POP3 type as shown below and select port 110 (default POP3 port.)

Click the Properties button on this same screen to configure the server name delimiter for the POP3 proxy. “@” is recommended, but any character can be used.  It should not be a character that  occurs multiple times within the user name.

Step 2.

Refer to individual mail client setup instructions for specific, but general mail client configuration instructions for the 3 basic pieces of information required are:

a. For the server name enter the internal IP address of your proxy machine

b. For the account name use the format <myaccount>@<my mail server's address>

Note: It's possible that your email server name is different from your email address, in which case subsitute your mail server name for the domain name of your mail account. For example your email address might be joeblow@qwest.net, but your account name might be joeblow@mail.mpls.qwest.net.

c. Enter your password as you normal would.

Step 3.

From the TCP Map again, add a Pass-Through port for SMTP (default port 25) as shown below:

Click on the properties tab for the pass-through port to enter the details. For the address, enter the SMTP server for the ISP your SpoonProxy machine uses to connect to the internet. You need to be sure to use the SMTP server for your connected ISP otherwise you will get 550 or "unable to relay" errors.


Mail Client Setup

Outlook 2000
Outlook Express 5.0
Eudora 5.0

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